3 stylish hats every girl must add to her closet this fall

If you are a fashion enthusiast, you would know the value of fashion accessories like sunglasses, watches, and handbags, and how they can turn an otherwise simple outfit to something chic and dressy. One such underrated fashion accessory that has recently been drawing eyeballs is the hat. Those who feel that hats are not a wardrobe essential must really reconsider their belief. Don’t believe it? Keep reading to get acquainted with some stylish types of hats that will make heads turn when you strut down the streets flaunting them.
Nothing screams elegance like a chic beret. If you trace back the history of the beret, you will realize that berets are timeless, as they date back to the 4th millennium B.C and have never completely gone out of trend. Whether you are going for a casual denim look or wearing a plaid skirt with a cute blouse and your favorite pair of over- the- knee boots, add a beret and you are good to go. So, when are you adding a beret to your wardrobe?
Who said that a beanie is just a winter staple and cannot be worn all year round? If you know how to style it, you can wear a beanie with pretty much most of your everyday casual outfits. Men and women who have long hair can consider investing in a well-fitted beanie as it will give a nice contrast, whereas people who have curly and short hair can consider wearing a loose slouchy knitted beanie that will help them tame their wild curls.
Baseball caps
Two words that describe these caps the best are casual and fun. With the athleisure trend at its peak, baseball caps have become a wardrobe staple for many women today. The best thing about these caps is that you don’t need to give much of a thought when it comes to styling them with your outfit. Wear a t-shirt dress or a pair of jeans with your favorite band t-shirt, sneakers, and at last, just slip on your baseball cap for that extra edge.

So, which of these hats are your favorite go-to fashion accessories and how do you like to pair them up with your clothes?

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