A guide to buying a counter depth refrigerator

Consumers want everything big and spacious these days, from television to smartphones to even refrigerators. People feel that bigger is better, as they are getting the value for the money spent.

For those who want a bigger refrigerator, getting a counter depth one is their best bet. A counter depth refrigerator is bigger and better in every aspect of style, size, features, and looks.

A guide to buying a counter depth refrigerator

Our technologies have made life so much easier, that refrigerators, which are a part of our everyday life have also changed for better. Counter depth refrigerators are designed to fit in most kitchens without any part of the refrigerator protruding out. Here is a detailed guide for buying a counter depth refrigerator that one should consider.

Different styles

Counter depth refrigerators come in a variety of styles and sizes. Like, for instance, there are French door, side-by-side, and bottom freezer refrigerators. Earlier, there were fewer choices in French door counter depth refrigerators, but brands like GE, Kenmore, and Samsung have come up with an impressive lineup of French door counter depth refrigerators with innovative features like an in-built coffee dispenser, dual temperatures, and of course Energy efficiency.

In a bottom freezer counter refrigerator, Fisher & Paykel and Liebherr are good models but come with comparatively lesser features. Side-by-side refrigerators are suitable for kitchens with a space crunch. Fagor, LG, and GE models are 28 inches deep, ideal for smaller kitchens. While performance-wise, each one is good. Some models are best while others have lesser features.

Which counter depth refrigerator is right for you?

This is one important decision which is based on your requirement, family size, and mainly your kitchen space. The options available are French door, side-by-side, standard, and bottom freezer refrigerators. Depending on the counter depth of your kitchen, one can select the style. Most of the older apartments and homes have 24 “counter depth in comparison to newly renovated homes that have much deeper storage space. Before heading to the store to purchase a counter depth refrigerator, be precise with your measurements.

The average depth of a counter depth refrigerator measures approximately 30”, which works out 5” or 6” deeper than most counters. The kitchen cabinet size too matters. The height of a counter depth can go up to 72”. So if your top cabinets are big, then you will have to compromise on the space of the refrigerator. The counter depth refrigerators are 36 inches wide on an average.

Firstly, dimensions decide which type of counter depth refrigerator is fit for your kitchen. Secondly, capacity is another factor. While buying, a buyer has to compare the dimensions of the choices available and then zero in on one model.

A sales survey suggests that the French door is the most preferred counter depth among buyers. The reason being, this style of the refrigerator does not protrude from the kitchen cabinets. It gels with the interiors of the kitchen with élan giving it a seamless look. Manufacturers and brands have different features that are present in one model, but missing in others. Designs and styles vary from models and brands. Compare the features that are more important, and you are going to use them often.

The features, style, and dimension are what make a counter depth refrigerator ideal for your house. Moreover, prices are also competitive along the holiday sales period. Counter depth refrigerators are the best choice for any kitchen type like galley and L-shaped as they are high space savers and give more storage room. Also, these types of refrigerators also maintain a safe and noticeable distance from the island allowing plenty of room to move around.

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