A quick guide to enhancing your bathroom shower

Your bathroom shower is the one place you get fresh and feel refreshed. This refreshing place can be made attractive with just a few hacks.

Laying out designs for your bathroom can be challenging with limited space and plumbing. Remodeling your bathroom can be a task, but these few tips can make your bathroom look new and sleek.

Curbless shower and continued tiling
Removing the curb from your bathroom shower can make your bathroom look much more spacious and the continued tiling makes your bathroom look seamless and sleek. It gives your bathroom a look of luxury and also makes cleaning simpler.

Pocket doors
Pocket doors are small spaces cordoned off in the bathroom for your shower. Usually, they are made of glass and are mounted on adjacent walls. This also provides flexibility for installing other fixtures in bathroom showers. The space created by creating a pocket instead of a whole side can instead be used for cabinets and racks. Some of these pocket doors come with sleek looks like sliding doors.

Accented walls
Adding colored tiles in contrast with white tiles or tiles of lighter shades can make your bathroom stand out and brighten it as well. If you do not wish to accentuate one whole wall in your bathroom, a small strip of the wall and floor can also be accentuated. This technique works really well with small bathrooms.

Use the walls
Some bathroom showers are small and do not have extra walls for placing cabinets or mirrors. Instead, walls above the sink or toilets can be used to places shelves, racks, or full cabinets as well. They do not crowd the bathroom and at the same time utilize the space effectively.

Wall-mounted toilets
Wall-mounted toilets reduce the space which otherwise a whole toilet would take. It also reduces the space taken by the flush tank. Instead, with the flush tank placed inside the wall and only the seat of the toilet remaining outside, this can make bathroom showers look spacious.

Choosing a shower over a bathtub
Removing your bathtub creates more space inside your bathroom, and it also keeps you environmentally conscious. As the bathtub takes a lot of space in the bathroom that could instead be used for storage or setting-up holders, replacing them with a shower is ideal. Lately, bathroom showers have revolutionalized and come with add-ons such as body sprays, jets massagers, and in-built handshowers along with features like being able to play music.

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