Benefits of unlocked phones

What makes an unlocked phone so popular, people ditch carrier phones and switch to unlocked smartphones? One of the reasons is flexibility to switch between different service providers, freedom to choose carriers and plans overseas, and save on international roaming too.

Benefits of unlocked phones

No one can deny the fact that unlocked smartphones are a better option than locked ones. These unlocked devices have an edge over locked phones. These benefits are mentioned below:

  • Options galore

When you spend so much on an unlocked phone, it is natural to want more options when it comes to choosing your carrier. The buyer can either go for a bigger carrier or MVNOs, whoever offers better deals on their plans.

  • Coverage factor

One thing that matters the most is that a buyer can choose a carrier that offers him better coverage and a stronger network in his area. After all, great connectivity is what one is looking for.

  • Easy Customization

Locked phones are enabled with software that stops certain third party apps from loading on your phone. That is not the case with unlocked smartphones. A buyer can customize his unlocked device as per his requirements. There are no restrictions imposed by any carriers.

  • Better deals

A buyer has the option of purchasing a phone from his or her carrier’s store or online. The store option may be little expensive; however, the buyer can get a better deal if they keep an eye out for new unlocked phones sales online. The only drawback with buying these is that one has to wait for the sale to buy it.

  • Lost phone, no worries

Losing your phone while bound to a contract can be an absolute nightmare! Losing your contract phone will bring termination fees as well as other surprise penalty fees that may be a part of the contract. With unlocked phones, you can purchase a new phone without any worry, and there are chances of tracking your lost or stolen phone back with your special IMEI number.

With all the benefits, an unlocked phone has a higher resale value than a locked one.

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