Best mountain biking techniques for beginners

Are you a beginner who wants to experience the awesomeness of mountain biking? Read on to know the right technique that could help you enjoy your ride to the fullest.

The key to have the best mountain biking journey is to be flexible and relaxed. Mountain biking is different from a commute or a road ride where the biker merely sits and spins. You should not be rigid to move forward or backward or off the side. Riding flat, descending, climbing and cornering are some of the things you would need to constantly do while on your mountain ride. Each movement requires a technique, let us quickly walk through them!

If you are riding on a flat terrain, the best technique is to pedal at a steady pace. You could either be sitting or standing while you pedal. Looking in the forward direction is the key. While you are riding, make sure you focus even down the trail and not merely on your front wheel. As soon as you see obstacles, climbs or descents coming, make sure you have the time to brace yourself up to navigate through them.

If you are on a descent, stand up resting on your pedals and keep both your arms and legs flexed. These help as additional shock absorbents and help you pass bumps easily. When you are going down hill, remember to keep your body low, knees and elbows bent and hips bent.

When you are supposed to climb, it is important you anticipate the incline a little in advance. This would help you drop into an easy gear well in time to prepare for the journey uphill. Instead of standing and aiming to pedal hard, you must sit and spin the pedals at a steady pace. Steadily pedaling uphill would help you to climb smoothly and not loose traction or stop. To develop traction, it is required that you maintain your weight on the back wheel. If you wish to steer, the weight should be exerted towards the front wheel.

Once you know the basic techniques like riding on a flat terrain, climbing and descending, you could orient yourself to cornering. The basic idea is to manage your weight and utilize your muscles in the right direction. It is important that you practice these techniques well before you go for your first ride. Various trail centers marked by skill and difficulty levels are ideal for inexperienced bikers to practice on. Once you are confident about your technique, you are fit to ride on and enjoy the therapy mountain biking provides!

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