Best PlayStation 4 deals you should check out

The PlayStation 4 is the most popular gaming console today; therefore, it doesn’t take much effort to get a great deal for the console. If one is trying to get a deal for the only the PlayStation 4 console, then options might be limited; however, there are a lot of PlayStation 4 bundle deals that offer extra. Offers include additional games, unique colors, and extra hardware in some deals. There are deals available for the PlayStation 4 standard and Slim consoles. There are a lot of promotional offers in the market for the PlayStation 4 Slim consoles. Moreover, there are plenty bundle deals for PlayStation 4 Slim 500 GB version.

Best PlayStation 4 Slim deals
The 500 GB version of the PlayStation 4 Slim is on sale for around $300. Sony has made the console smaller, lighter and a lot more power efficient when compared to the predecessor. The good thing with buying a PlayStation 4 Slim console for about $300 is that Sony offers a free game as part of the bundle. Before jumping and buying a console giving all the money, it is always better to look out for deals and grab the best deal possible. Amazon offers the 1Tb version of PlayStation 4 at around $299 and is bundled with Call of Duty®: WWII, which is a superb deal.

Best PlayStation 4 bundle deals to look out for
Nothing is more perfect than a bundle pack for someone who is trying to get a great deal for a PlayStation 4. Some of the best PlayStation 4 console bundle deals are as follows:

  • B&H Photo and Video
    B&H offers one of the rarest bundle for around $310. The bundle comes with a 1TB model of the PlayStation 4 Slim console and Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II with it. No one would want to miss out on such a deal.
  • Amazon
    Amazon offers the PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB console and model with Call of Duty®: Infinite Warfare for around $378, which is again a nice deal for gamers who love FPS games.
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