Best ways to get good sound quality in your vehicle

A vehicle is a great place to enjoy good music. It could be while commuting to work, while you are stuck in traffic or if you go on a long drive, music can be your best companion. This is why it is very important to have a good music system in your vehicle.

Listed below are a few simple tricks and suggestions to help improve the quality of the sound in your car:

Replace the speakers of your car: While putting together a vehicle, the last thing an automobile manufacturer thinks about is the quality of the speakers. By replacing the in-built speakers with better ones, you can get better sound quality

Use higher quality music files: When you select your music files, select ones with a better quality. Even though the size of the files may be bigger, the sound quality will be definitely clearer.

Avoid using the built in digital to analogue converter present in your sound system: This converter changes digital information into analogue but in the process, compromises the quality of your music.

Use sound deadening materials in your car: The vibrations from the doors, where the speakers are usually placed, or the road can affect the accuracy of the sound. By using sound deadening materials, you reduce this problem and you will not need to increase the volume unnecessarily.

Add a separate car amplifier: Even though the car comes with an in-built amplifier, it is always better to get another amplifier as it will provide more clean power than your existing one.

Add an equalizer or signal processor: The interior of a car has so many varying surfaces that the quality of the music gets compromised and putting in an equalizer can help tremendously.

Get a subwoofer for the car: A subwoofer really helps enhance the sound to a great level.

Play around with crossover frequency of your system: Sometimes it may seem like the bass of the audio file is perfect but the pitch is too high or that the bass is coming from behind you. When this happens, adjust your crossover settings till everything seems to be perfectly balanced.

Turn on sub sonic filters if your system has that option: This will remove the bass that is below the range of human hearing and in turn will make your audio file sound more crisp and clear.

Avoid turning the volume on very high: This can damage your speakers in the long run.

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