Choosing the right pots and pans with Calphalon

Cooking can be a pleasure or a matter of dread depending on the way your kitchen has been designed and set up. Investing in the right kind of equipment for the right kind of environment when you are cooking is as important as choosing the right bedding or lighting for your home. And the good news is that brands like Calphalon stock up on a variety of pots and pans and other kinds of cookware that come in different kinds of materials. These materials can be chosen depending on the kind of dishes that you need to cook. Take a look at these various types of pots and pans to make a good choice!

Stainless steel pots and pans
Stainless steel is a non-reactive metal, which means that you can cook any kind of food in it. Yet, the downside is that it heats up very fast and one has to be extremely careful while handling such pots and pans. This is ideal for boiling fluids and cooking pasta as well. You can also use this kind of pots and pans for making stock because they do not destroy the nutritional values of the vegetables or meat. You can also choose stainless steel vessels that have an inner coating of aluminum and copper in case you feel the exterior is too thin and may end up burning the bottom if the food is boiled or cooked for too long.

Copper pots and pans
The thermal conduction rate of copper is extremely high which makes it ideal for cooking purposes. In such cases, you will not end up wasting too much energy when it comes to cooking. This is because the heat spreads swiftly and in an even manner so that the food is well cooked and retains its natural flavor and textures as well. The only downside here is that copper is high on maintenance because it needs regular polishing and simply running it in the dishwasher will not do. Hence, it may be difficult to use this kind of vessels on an everyday basis.

This material has been used for cooking purposes for a very long time now. Aluminum also has great conductivity, plus it is lightweight at the same time. This makes it a rather versatile kind of material to cook in. Yet, there are many health concerns that may come up with long term use of this metal, because it changes easily with heat as it is lightweight in nature. So, one should opt for anodized aluminum, if possible, as it is a superior material for most types of cookware.

Cast Iron
This is a naturally non-stick material which is rich in iron and also very heavy. It may be a slightly more expensive choice, but it is very good in the long run.

So take your pick from the collections of various brands like Calphalon and give your kitchen the best it deserves.

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