Enjoy a comfortable journey on a stylish midsize luxury sedan

Luxury vehicles are popular because of their stellar performance, gorgeous styling, excellent quality and comfortable driving. The luxury sedans are extremely versatile and offer deluxe benefits at reasonable price ranges.

Here are some of the best and new luxury midsize sedans of 2017 that are ruling the hearts of people out there:

2017 Genesis G80: The 2017 Genesis G80 is an incredible stand-alone luxury car. The striking design with spacious interiors with sufficient legroom and powerful engine make the car an astonishing model. The intricate refinements by Hyundai have made Genesis G80 a top pick for those who are seeking a luxurious car at low price points.

Audi A7: The Audi 2017 has excelled in the luxury-car arena. A stunning look with a super powered engine, comfortable seating, and wide range of interiors and advanced technological features make Audi A7 a preferred choice of many. Audi A7 is famous for its impressive styling and body structure and has dominated as the most anticipated model of the year.

2017 Mercedes Benz GLC 300: Mercedes Benz GLC with its new curvy attractive design is one of the best luxury midsize sedans of 2017. The sedan is extremely superiors in terms of styling, material, fastback roofline, power, and efficiency. The AMG model is another top-pick with a turbocharged V6 engine and sports suspension.

2017 Mercedes Benz CLS 550: Beautifully styled interior, superior features, muscular rear haunches and sloping roofline make the 2017 Mercedes Benz CLS 550 an exciting model. Nominated as the Luxury Car for the year, CLS 550 has enthralled the folks with its amazing features.

2017 BMW 740: The 2017 BMW 740 has a perfect combination of unique styling, excellent features, and driving comfort. Greatest technologies are embedded to give the sedan ferocious performance. BMW 740 has impressed everyone with its stunning features making it a pretty good deal.

2017 Mercedes Benz GLE 350: If you are searching for a new luxury midsize sedan, the Mercedes Benz GLE 350 is a great pick. A strong V6 engine with great styling and technological features deliver outstanding performance. Features such as fire breathing and sufficient spaces are some other splendid features of the car.

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