Here’s why employee engagement and its platforms are the need of the hour

Employee engagement is essential as it ensures that your employees are happy and satisfied. If you’re wondering why you should care about the happiness of your employees, we have the answer.

An average employee spends the majority of their time at work rather than at home. So, if an employee is unhappy with work, you can rest assured that the company will suffer. But if an employee is happy, they will work with passion, enthusiasm and will be dedicated and engaged with their work and we’ve already seen where that will take us.

But, if you’re still not convinced about the importance of employee engagement and still think of it as some modern corporate buzzword, here are some benefits that should completely change your mind:

  • Retainment rates are higher
    Were you aware that almost a quarter of the employees at any organization are at high risk of moving out? Let’s not forget that among these would be highly talented people who would work wonders if they stuck around.
  • Eliminates the cost of hiring and training
    Now, once those people have quit, you’ll need to rehire people. This means you will have to invest in not just hiring but also training a whole new set of people. Also, let’s not mention the disgruntled employees who are now over-pressured with extra work.
  • Full workforce at hand
    Having a full workforce at hand has major benefits. Say someone on your team is sick and takes an off, having a full team means work can be handed off to another team member but if you’re already functioning at half power, you may soon be having an overworked and unhappy team.
  • Improved productivity rates
    Well, if your team is at full strength and working like a well oiled cog in a machine, there’s absolutely no doubt to the fact that you’ll be hitting your targets and achieving high levels of productivity.
  • Productivity breeds profitability
    If your work is getting done on time, you know you’ll be making profits.

How do you keep the employees engaged?

Well, there are many ways to do so but since we live in the age of the Internet, you can implement an employee engagement platform. Each employee engagement platform has their own style but a majority of them take on certain things such as daily feedback, company updates, shining the light on spotlights and so on.

So, ensure you don’t take your employees for granted and ensure that they are happy and engaged!

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