How service has revolutionized modern day living

The word service, in a broader sense of meaning, has been known to be served as an accompaniment to a product which one purchases in one of the supermarkets or branded shops. There was a point in time when services were not deemed with as much importance as they are seen today. Services which today are a guarantee of the brand of the commodity carries, used to be an unnecessary market tactic added by a shop to attract witty customers who had an idea what service really meant. Today, a product without service is a product not worth putting on the shelves. So, what does service really mean when seen in the modern light?

“Service” is one of those words that does not have a water tight definition, the meaning of this word has a broader spectrum wherein it can mean anything above and beyond what the usual meaning entails. Having presented itself to the market decades before, service finally has come to the point when it is being known for its worth. A service can be anything which aids customers in smooth functioning of their lives. Once considered as separate element in economics, today service is categorized as a commodity which is given to willing customers in return of a specific amount that was worth the job done. Such was not always the case with businesses specializing in service. Pricing for a specific service had no ulterior importance as it was never considered as a commodity which can physically be used. Many even thought that the work done through service is something any person can partake with a guide book and a tools box, hence the market was not, in those times, a healthy space to grow a service firm.

From a different perspective, service can be an additional benefit one receives when a new appliance or similar commodity is purchased. This kind of service can either be complimentary or something which can be bought. This service may also be provided for no cost, through a period of time and be chargeable when the free period ends. With the wide spread knowledge that the servicing platform provides to the market, it has visibly become impossible to exist without them. The modern times have become a perfect incubation ground for new and young minds to work in union to create a market that has arrived to make a mark since forever.

It has been explained in due note by the economists and market analysts how service never was an acceptable component of business. There once existed an age when every and any commodities used to exist in a use-and-throw world, which roughly transcribes to the fact that once a product has any defects or faults in functioning, it was deemed rather easy to throw that off and buy a new one, than spending time, money, and energy to get a specialist to fix it. With the market and trend around us changing, owing to the modern generation, such is no longer the motif of thinking. In the recent decades, consumers have had the pleasure of observing products with the help of accompanied services survive wear and tear for years, exceeding the expected life term estimated by manufacturers.

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