How to Choose the Best Weber Gas Grill For Your Home

If you love barbecuing on your patio but do not prefer watching over it like a hawk, gas grills are perfect for you. And if you are familiar with grills, Weber gas grills have created a niche for themselves. They come in many premium ranges, keeping in mind the needs of their customers.

Weber Gas Grills come in four premium ranges. These grills meet the needs of several people. These gas grills can range from $300 to $5000. However, since Weber is a force to reckon with, you should first do your research and then go ahead with buying one.

A point to remember with grills is that the cheaper grill you buy, the sooner you will have to replace them. Thus, if you want to buy a long lasting grill, don’t hesitate to shell out a few more bucks than normal. Now, you can choose from the premium range of Weber Gas Grills. They also offer charcoal grills, which are best in their class. Here are some tips when you decide to buy a gas grill for your home or outdoors.

Four ranges of Weber Gas Grills

– Spirit II Series
– Genesis II Series
– Summit
– Q series

All these gas grills cater to different household needs.

The Spirit II Series gas grills are perfect for grilling for a small group of people. They have 2-3 burners, which are ideal for operating and a horde of other functions as well. They come with side tables and flavorizer bars. These gas grills range from $499 to $599.

Genesis II Series gas grills come with 2-6 burners and are ideal for more of a social scene. With an array of functions to go along with these gas grills, you can entertain a large group of people. The Genesis II LX Series offer smaller versions of gas grills that are perfect for the balcony or patio.

Summit gas grills from Weber are considered the best in their category. They come with 4-6 burners and are ideal for gourmet grilling. They also come equipped with a Searing feature that adds a char to the food. They also come in different colors and come with futuristic features.

Q series gas grills are ideal for outdoor camping and small sit-outs. You can even carry them on the go. Most of the grills in this series come with the power of two burners. The average cost of a Q series grill would range from $400 to $600.

Once you have chosen your desired grill, you need to keep few other things in mind.

Grill size

Many people ignore the grill’s size; they believe that when it comes to grill size, the bigger the better. However, you should always consider the size of the food that you will be cooking. Bigger grills take a long time to heat up. They also use a lot more gas. So before jumping the wagon and buying a big grill, reflect on the common use that you would be putting your grill to.

Grill grate material

The common grill grates include Stainless steel, Cast Iron, and Porcelain enamel grates. It is your personal preference, whichever grill grate you want to use. Stainless steel grates have good heat point and do not rust. They are also durable and easy to clean. However, over time, they are messy as the food sticks to them, and if not cleaned well, the grates become sticky.

Iron cast grates are most preferred as they season the food best. They also keep the heat for longer time periods, making them ideal for long hours of cooking. However, iron cast grates are also prone to rust and are corrosive. These days iron cast grates come covered in porcelain to avoid rusting and corrosion. They do not turn sticky and the grilling of food can repeat over and over. It also reacts well with acidic foods and is a finer choice among many other grill grates.

Safety matters

It would be risky if you have laden your grill and it topples over. Weber gas grills have wheels that get locked into place and comes with a lid that avoids any kind of spillage. Always ensure you cool down the coals and the grates to prevent burning.

Once you keep these things in mind, you can enjoy grilling and also get the worth of your price too! Get Weber gas grills and enjoy efficiency with class for all your social and personal engagements.

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