Must have accessories for iPhone X

It has been just over a couple of weeks since the iPhone X was launched as Apple’s latest flagship series. However, accessories go hand in hand with any smartphone purchase which is why here are the top must-have accessories to go with your brand new iPhone X.

Wireless charger pad: iPhone X is one of the first in Apple’s smartphone series which support wireless charging. This proves to be a big advantage since there are a number of buying options when it comes to wireless charging pads featured by popular brands. However, it is to be noted that only Qi wireless charging is supported by the Apple iPhone X.

Powerstation: Having a wireless charger can come in quite handy, but having a power bank on the go is recommended for long journeys. It won’t be possible to find charging stations everywhere, especially during travel which is why a portable power station makes it a must-have iPhone X accessory.

iPhone X case: When it comes to phone accessories, smartphone cases are very handy since they protect your phone from external elements and the occasional phone drops. Even though the iPhone X is built to last, having a phone case will provide that extra layer of protection and cushion from different falls.

Screen protector: The display is very important when it comes to smartphones, which is why Apple iPhone X features the best glass inbuilt. However, as an added layer of protection, having a good quality screen protector will increase the life of the screen without compromising the touch input and integrity of the user interface.

Apple air pods: You will have to buy Apple air pods separately for your iPhone X since, in the box, only the EarPods with lightning connector is provided. This accessory can be purchased online for a price of $159.

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