Picking the best cockroach killer spray

Picking The Best Cockroach Killer Spray

Few bugs are as wide-spread, and difficult to get rid of, as cockroaches. They’re despised and yet, they find their way everywhere. Makes one wonder how they do it. But that isn’t the most surprising part of their life. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who hasn’t tried to get rid of cockroaches and failed miserably.

This isn’t all too surprising that the best roach killer products often stop working in a couple of years or so. This is because our biggest nightmare is being realized – cockroaches are growing resistant. And this resistance is seen across the board. Even the best cockroach killer spray or liquid cannot last longer than a set period.

When it comes to pest control, the product used is as good as the active ingredients it has in it. To understand them, you need to understand their toxicity. You have sprays that have ingredients toxic enough to kill all roaches, but also cause enough damage to humans that come in direct contact with them. This can be especially harmful if you have children at home.

It goes without saying that such products should be avoided. The best cockroach killer really is something that is the right combination of toxic chemicals, that doesn’t pose an immediate threat to humans. Two such ingredients to look out for are Imiprothrin and Cypermethrin; both of which are highly effective in seeking and halting any infestations taking root. These cause mild irritation at best, but still advised to be avoided by those suffering from asthma. You can find these ingredients in sprays such as Raid.

If you find that the infestation you have simply isn’t going away with regular insecticide sprays, you can turn to the big guns. Imidacloprid is one such powerful chemical that seeks out and destroys german cockroaches- which are notoriously hard to treat.

Sprays aren’t the only cockroach killer options you have. Consider powders and gels, or even traps and bait stations. It boils down to exactly where you’re looking to treat an infestation and the composition of the people and pets that make up your home.

The gel is the best roach killer product for you if you’re looking to target small areas and tiny roaches. Powder is one of the safest options there is, and works slowly, but surely. It includes boric acid powder which isn’t harmful to humans but slowly shuts off the nervous system of the roaches.

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