Reasons to prefer Casper mattress over other brands

Casper mattress is one of the popular mattresses available in the market. It is the uncrowned king of the online mattress industry. The mattress hosts a lot of benefits like comfortable sleeping, having a little bounce, and providing the well-supported feel. The factors that make it preferable over other brands are listed here:

  • Casper is an all-foam mattress. It has a combination of polyfoam, memory foam etc., which make up four different layers of foam. Putting latex over memory foam is a good construction design. Its design gives an alignment to the natural shape of the body. It absorbs heat and creates core support.
  • Casper mattress has a soft, breathable cover made of white stretchable fabric. The material is porous and helps to improve the coolness of the mattress.
  • Casper mattress is suitable for every sleeper type whether you are a stomach sleeper or a side sleeper. The combination of two types of foam and ergonomic construction design gives ample pressure relief.
  • These mattresses ranges medium on firmness, feel, and support yardstick as these factors are subjective terms. Every mattress feels a bit different to everyone depending on the body type, weight, sleeping positions etc. Most people have been found to be comfortable with its hug and contour design.
  • This brand of mattress performs very well with motion transfer. When sleeping with a partner who tosses and turns a lot in sleep, it is imperative that the motion should be least transferred to the other side to cause fewer disturbances to the other person.

Go for a Casper mattress:

  • If you want a mattress that provides the benefits of both latex and memory foam
  • If you are in the mode of changing sleep positions quite a lot through your sleep
  • If you want to buy an established brand
  • If you want to buy a quality mattress with warranty and yet not burn a hole in your pocket.

Once you have decided that Casper is the mattress you want to buy, check for Sears mattress sale which offers you convenience and security, apart from giving you a good bargain.

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