Save on car rentals with your AARP membership card

Thinking of renting a car during your next trip? Or is your car in the shop and you need to get around as usual without disruption? Well, if you have an AARP membership, you’re in luck, and are eligible for some really good offers and exclusive discounts on car rentals with Budget and Avis, and the less popular but also competitive Payless and ZipCar rental services. Are you under the impression that AARP means you have to be older, if not retired? AARP actually offers membership even to those who are younger than its demographic of 50 and above. And it is rather cheap to get oneself a yearly AARP membership it costs less than $20!

Not quite sure if it’s for you? Well, here are some of the reasons you should go out and get yourself an AARP membership and make sure to carry that card with you when you are traveling or heading to rent a car. First thing to keep in mind is that the exclusive offers for AARP members are from the AvisBudget group, which is the car rental group that AARP has tied up with. So, check whether your town or the place you’re traveling to has one of the car rental services listed, pull your card out of your wallet and head over to get some of the best options and discounts possible on a car rental.

With an AARP membership, you can expect a discount somewhere between 12% and 25% on the listed car rental price, on any car, in any category. Furthermore, you can get upgraded for free from a compact and get a nicer and more spacious car, and this applies to the categories up to full-size. No one ever said no to extra legroom and a more comfortable ride, now did they? And how about easing your travel and not needing to know your way around or depending on your mobile phone for directions? With AARP membership, the rental of a Garmin GPS will cost you only $6.99 per day.

Picking up and dropping off your rental from the same location? Well then, you can enjoy unlimited mileage on your rental car another perk of your AARP membership. And you also get a second driver for free, without paying the Additional Driver Fee, whoever that driver is, without any restrictions. You also get frequent traveler points and can call for roadside assistance should you need it, any time of the day or night.

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