Taking a look at 2017 Toyota Sienna review

The Toyota Sienna, a minivan from the Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer, was first introduced in the year 1998 in North America. The model was redesigned in 2004 and 2011. The third generation Toyota Sienna received the ‘Top Safety Pick’ award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, USA.

With a base price of $29,750 and an estimated 19/27 miles per gallon of fuel in the city/highway respectively, the 2017 Toyota Sienna has been improved further. Changed from a six speed to the advanced eight-speed automatic transmission and with an increased engine power and torque, this is a good buy, especially if you live in places with cold climates. It’s all wheel drive supports the weather superbly, and the Sienna is the only vehicle in its category to enjoy this benefit.

This practical family vehicle now has been remodeled to fit Toyota’s 3.5-liter D4-S direct injection fuel system and has a horsepower of 296 that makes it a powerful and impressive drive. Larger in size than most SUVs and crossovers, the Toyota Sienna has spacious interiors for all the passengers and cargo you want to load.

Improved interiors with better quality materials and modern design make the 2017 Toyota Sienna very cushy and an adequate vehicle for short or long distances. A touchscreen interface, with simple, clear push button adjusters and built-in GPS are a pleasure to handle. Also, keeping siblings in mind, there are rear seat entertainment systems that have split screen connectivity allowing both screens to display different media simultaneously. The expandable footrests and the possibility to slide the middle row much further forward or backward provides accessibility and space when required.

This Multi Utility Vehicle (MUV) has competition only from Honda Odyssey and Kia Sedona. The solid Toyota Sienna from 2017, with its heavier steering, is more comfortable to drive around, whether inside the city or on highways. A good choice for big families.

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