How feature-packed is the 2017 Honda Accord? Find out!

The 2017 Honda Accord has been regarded as one of the top selling cars in the midsize car category and is priced at a range between $25,000, to $35,000. While the car has been a user-friendly sedan best suited for families, long commutes and easy daily-drives, Honda has brought in a surplus of face-lifts, fuel-efficiency changes, and technological infusion to make this series of Accord as the best in the category of sedans. Honda has launched Accord in a series of regular sedan, coupe, sports variants, as well as a hybrid variant, integrated with four-cylinder and six-cylinder engine choices with both automatic and manual transmission options to cater to the different types of buyers with Honda’s un-compromised performance and best available features. This 2017 Accord series give an average mileage of 18-27 mpg in the city and around 28-36 mpg on the highway. While most of the standard features of any typical sedan is a part of the base trim, the Accord has exclusive technology infused variants such as the Accord EX. This variant has an infotainment system that has been upgraded with Apple Car Play and Android Auto to enable easy navigation easily compatible using phone access. While the car steering has the easy navigation features, the use of a phone to control the car’s system is welcome any day. In addition, the cars have both the high definition and satellite radio features apart from the easy to use blind spot camera for modern driving. Most importantly, the 2017 Honda Accord offers the exclusive safety featured sensing packages in every variant of the car as a standard installation, which is offered as extras by other car manufacturers. Some of the common features are, active lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, and automatic emergency braking.

In comparison to another top selling car – the Toyota Camry – which is an equivalent for the Honda Accord, the latter would any day beat the Camry hands down because of almost an average of 3-4 mpg extra on the Accord in both the city and the highway. Also, the Accord is loaded with smart technology infotainment system, as well as smart and spacious interiors. In particular, the safety features offered as a standard installation on the Accord are priced high as extras on the Camry. Other cars that belong to the same section as equivalents would be the Nissan Altima and the Honda Civic. However, the Accord stands unbeaten with its sheer performance, economical fuel-efficiency, and smart infotainment system.

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