Top five dress up games you would love playing online

For girls influenced by the fashion industry, dressing well and having a distinguished fashion taste is a priority. Out of many different ways, these girls rely on online girl dress up games to keep their fashion sense updated. Besides offering hours of fun and entertainment, these games tend to inculcate creativity and imagination in players that are instrumental in improving their fashion sense. If you also desire to enhance your fashion quotient by playing interesting dress up games online, here are some of the best you can consider.

Music Idol – Coco Rock Star
While playing this game, you get to dress Coco the mega music idol. To dress up Coco, you can choose from over 200 cool outfits and accessories, such as your favorite musical instrument that you want to see her play on the stage. You also have vast options to choose the desired hair color, hairstyle, and skin tone.

Outfit Frenzy Dress Up
A wide assortment of girl dress up games online let you dress up princesses, brides, rock stars, tomboy, geeky beauty, debutante, and more. However, if you are looking for a single game that allows participants to dress up all these diverse personalities on one platform, you ought to try playing the Outfit Frenzy dress up game. You can enjoy dressing up the personality of your choice by simply dragging the clothes and accessories on the girl.

Purple Fashion Dress Up
If you love the color in vogue, purple, you would thoroughly enjoy playing the Purple Fashion dress up game. For creating the perfect purple outfit in this virtual dress up game, you can choose from 12 available dresses and accessories. The game offers you opportunities to mix and match outfits and accessories to create a look that you like and admire.

Festive New Year’s Party
If getting ready for the New Year’s Eve party is something that excites you every year and you like trying out new fashion ideas, you will find this game very interesting. You are expected to dress up the model for the party by selecting ideal shoes, outfit, jewelry, and haircut options. The game gives you a chance to bring your creativity into play for giving the model the best look.

Shopaholic Models
If you are a shopaholic, you can try playing the fashion dress up game Shopaholic Models. The virtual game offers its players opportunities to shop like a model. You play a role of a supermodel in the game that is all about flaunting her stardom. What makes the game more realistic is that players have to balance their budget while shopping for the hottest catwalk styles from the best of the city’s boutiques. To get more cash, you can work at local businesses in shifts, pick free bags of money on the sidewalk, and complete some side challenges for your supermodel career.

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