Top resume samples and tips

We all focus on the resume more first before we go give an interview. You might be the best candidate for a job but if your resume doesn’t support who you are, then there is a good chance you will not even make the initial screening. The talent acquisition team of any company first screens a resume and only then it gets passed on until you get an interview call. The resume is the only thing they see of you before they actually meet you in person. That is what makes your resume so important to be perfect. Let’s talk about some tips and take examples from top 10 resume samples to understand what makes a good resume great.

It gets difficult to figure out where to start the resume from. If you are making a resume for the first time, our suggestion would be that you first make a resume using the samples you find on the internet and put everything up there which you feel is essential. Once done, you can check the top tips below:

Be as relevant as possible
You might be a fresher and open to many fields or even an experienced person but want to change the field and want to try out new possibilities. For this reason, you might feel confused as to what skill you should show up and end up putting in everything that you know, done and accomplished. Well, you don’t have to. Make a generic resume and then as per the job you are applying for, tweak the information accordingly. For example, your photo-shop certification is irrelevant for your content writing job.

Highlight your best work, skills, accomplishments
If it makes sense for the new job, then keep the best work, skill, interest, and accomplishments on the top or the initial part of the resume where they can see it clearly and not miss out of any of those best things.

Don’t go mainstream with objective
Every resume that you read will have a ‘career objective/objective’ section on the top with the most clichd line that has been used by a lot of people. You can totally go ahead and ditch this section as many hiring teams do not even bother to read that. However, if you do have a serious objective you really believe in, then mention it but make sure you do not sound mainstream and it looks original and genuine.

There is a lot more to tips on resumes than these three pointers, which you can apply on your resume. You can research and take as many references you like to come up with a resume that speaks for itself and sells itself.

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