Treatment option available for sebaceous cysts

A sebaceous cyst is a small bump which develops under your skin, being the result of blocked glands. These are mostly found on the face and neck. Sebaceous cyst treatment can be done by a medical professional and does not necessarily require lab tests or any imaging for that matter.

The cyst contains oily material which can occur on the face, scalp, neck any place on the body caused due to a blocked sweat gland or even hair follicle. Epidermal cysts and pilar cyst are the two distinct types of a sebaceous cyst, each with its distinct identifying factors. This skin abnormality is not a very severe condition and usually can be cured by various sebaceous cyst treatments.

Noticeable symptoms of sebaceous cysts include a cyst, lumps which have a blackhead at the center of it or even mucus drainage, leaking oil and cheesy matter contained inside the cyst.

Different Sabeceous cyst treatments include:

Cyst removal: This is a simple surgical procedure to completely remove the cyst sac and everything in it. Traditional wide excision, punch biopsy excision and minimal excision are the three methods of surgical sebaceous cyst treatment. Antibiotics are administered during or after the surgical treatment for recovery.

Self-care techniques: Mild cysts can be treated with minimal medications and no surgical procedures. Use of a warm compress is suggested by medical professionals to soothe the muscle around the cyst and help drain its liquids, to avoid spreading the skin infection.

Reducing the use of chemical products: Soaps and creams that have a lot of chemicals in them should not be used so that the skin condition does not get aggravated. Instead application of gels and topical creams is recommended by medical professionals to bring relief from the symptoms. Maintaining proper personal hygiene will also ensure good recovery along with the recommended medications.

Visit specialists: Specialists like dermatologists diagnose and advice on a course of sebaceous cyst treatment. For a mild cyst condition, doctors might cut and drain the cyst of all the fluids to stop the infection from spreading. Injections can also be alternatively used to inject medications directly into the cyst to control the skin infection. However, care has to be taken on your part to ensure the wound does not get cut or infected again by keeping the general area around it clean.

More information can be found online regarding alternative home remedies you can try to ensure the condition can be contained at home.

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