TVs on clearance sale that you can pick up today!

Gone are the days when people choose to buy high range TVs with disappointing configuration. Smart TVs these days have improved to no end and are now bigger, better, and smarter with more attractive features and services at great deals. Here are some picks from the clearance sale that serves the best for your wallet.

Samsung 49″ LED Smart 4K Ultra HD TV
This model comes in two exciting sizes of 49” and 55” that are a great size for a living room or mid-sized home theater space. Its LED smart technology delivers plasma-like rich colors. This TV is equipped with a breathtaking resolution of 2160p which you cannot find in any other smart TV for as less a price. You can watch a 4K movies and TV shows at 4x resolution of full HD, and can also upscale the current HD content to gorgeous, ultra HD-level picture quality and HDR technology delivers more realistic pictures. It has built-in Wi-Fi and the user can connect and share movies, videos, or music to any device with a help of a USB connection.

Sony 43″ LED Smart 4K Ultra HD TV
This TV comes with amazing smart android TV features that gives four times more clarity than an ordinary HD television with which you can get an exceptional viewing experience. The built-in Wi-Fi feature provides fast and reliable connection and you can stream a huge world of entertainment from Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, Amazon videos, Google play, and more. Its high dynamic range technology makes the TV to reveal a better, brighter, more colorful, and natural image. It has four HDMI inputs for the best home theater connection.

Philips 24PFS5231
The Philips24PFS5231 is a portable 24” LCD TV that comes along with built in 16w Bluetooth speaker which could be used as a stand a perfect way to save the space with style. Although it lacks Ethernet/Wi-Fi connection, it will charm you with its great audio and crisp picture quality. It may not have features (4K, HDR, or 3D) like the above smart TVs but it has a powerful video processing engine by Philips standards, delivering striking pictures with sharp whites and deep blacks.

LG 32″ LED Smart HDTV
96% of the best buy consumers have recommended this product to be the best TV under $200. It has all the features like any other LED smart TV but with lesser configuration. Yet its performance and speed in internet connectivity beats it to the level of high profile standards. Its 31.6” screen is well and good to set a mini theater in your living room. The 720p display may seem to be low but it offers incredible clarity, LED backlighting and lets you view images clearly from just about any angle.

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