Unusual usage of flowers

Flowers are known for decorating your home or party venue on almost every occasion. They also symbolize love and other emotions. They are very much in demand almost throughout the year especially on weddings.

Apart from gifting and decorating, flowers are used for other purposes as well. These are some unusual uses of flowers that many practice, and so can you.

Flowers are often used in food to add flavor and smell. In some places, flowers like pansy and roses are used in salad and can also be consumed as they are edible. You too can use rose petals and pansies in your dishes and serve it to your guests. They make your dishes look pretty and add taste. More edible flowers you can grow in your garden are Chrysanthemums, Day lilies, Lavender, Roses and more. Please note that not all flowers are edible.

Pest Control
Don’t want to use harmful pest repellents? You can now use natural flowers to keep the pests away. Borage, commonly known as star-flower, can be used to deter hornworms and cabbage worms and also help plants with their disease resistance. Chrysanthemums carry a chemical called pyrethin that is toxic for insects but safe for humans and animals to consume. Lavender can also be used to get rid of pests in your garden. They particularly keep fleas, moths and mosquitoes away. Marigold too can be used to repel white flies from tomatoes, also help protect the soil under the plants.

Flower tea is also called blooming tea. Flowering tea is extremely beneficial for your health. Jasmine tea boosts the immune system and reduce blood sugar levels. Chrysanthemums are also used in tea and has been proved to be healthy. Lily in tea can be used to cure insomnia. Blooming tea is known to have antioxidants, nourish the skin, boost metabolism, help in prevent cancer, good for heart, boost brain and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Hydrosol (flower water)
Hydrosol are similar to essential oils but are not as concentrated as essential oils. The mechanism is different and are known to have many useful properties for skin. They are often used as facial spray, body spray, hair spritzer, after shave, linen and air freshening spray, deodorant spray, healing spray, mood lifter, and cooling spray. Rose and Jasmine are widely used to make hydrosols. Other flowers are Lavender, Catnip, Chamomile.

Most tea, pest control and hydrosols can be made at home as well. You can look up the tutorials and read up information on the same. Having them grown in your garden can be an added advantage.

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