Why redo your shower area

Bathrooms have moved beyond being mere utilitarian spaces. These days, the area has become a huge part of the home’s design aesthetics, and they deserve just as much thought as other rooms. The basic makeover that has come about in the bath design segment is major to do with the walk-in showers. Apart from being the next big thing, walk-in showers come with benefits as well. No wonder, not only hotels, even residences have been following this trend. Compared to traditional bath layouts, it is useful in many ways. Here’s how.

Much easier to clean
A walk-in shower has a linear design with no raised surfaces or barriers. There is much lesser chance of the space accumulating dirt, so cleaning the area is a lot simpler. People who like to work smartly, or who’re too busy to do home chores can find this design appealing.

Easy installation
Unlike conventional showers that slope down from all four directions to drain water, a walk-in shower design does so from one direction only. This involves less effort with installation and saves time as well. Instead of putting up a wall between the toilet/basin and bath area, you can create a glass panel; hence, it comes out as an affordable option as well.

Flexible design
These showers can be installed in almost every bathroom. Since they don’t require extensive planning, you can merge the design with the overall design layout of the bath area. They work well with modern bathrooms and conventional styles alike. If you need an extra shower in your house, all a walk-on shower area would require is a water line, a bit of fitting, and a drainage point.

Safe option
The shower design typically sees level floors with no threshold. This can prove to be safer for the elderly, children, and people with disabilities, as there’s no barrier to step over. Of course, the installation of additional safety features, such as grab bars, is necessary for any shower but safety is certainly enhanced with the walk-in design.

Basics are enough
Unlike conventional showers, the tiles of the bathroom can extend to the shower of a walk-in area without a break. This lends to uniformity and gives the illusion of a bigger bathroom as well.

Maximizes space
Walk-ins can be installed in almost any bathroom. Trays and Enclosures come in a wide range of sizes so you really have your pick of choices. You can opt for a tiny shower to fit into a small bathroom or you can go for a large one to suit a spacious interior.

Extremely versatile
A much-loved feature of a walk-in area is that they are versatile and can suit all requirements and tastes. You can go for single, double, or bigger showers as well as round showers, suite showers, and corner showers. In addition to that, there’s a choice of using glass, plastic or tile all appeal to the eyes.

The best bet
Walk-ins can be the best solution as they’re adaptable, easy to install and are great for small and large bathrooms alike. If you’re looking for a way to make the most of yours and don’t want to spend a small fortune, consider a walk-in design. The attractive setup can be coordinated to suit your needs and sense of style.

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